Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: A Complete Skin Care Hamper from Mermaid Marine Beauty

Valentine’s day is around the corner and it is time for the market to be flooded with those fancy heart-shaped chocolate boxes, stuffed toys holding hearts and what not. But do you think you and your partner have had enough of such gift exchanges already? Well, then it certainly is the time to graduate to something that is as valuable as its outer packaging. Our recommendation this Valentine’s season is this amazing skin care hamper by Mermaid Marine Beauty. We recently got our hands on these fabulous products inside the hamper and are in love since then. Let us give you a peek into this awesome hamper and leave you to decide whether to go ahead with that big bouquet that will die in a few days or this.

1. Mermaid Sebo Regulating Face Mask

Mermaid Sebo Regulating Face Mask

In most parts of the country, February marks the departure of winter and the unpredictable weather takes a toll on most people’s skin. This deep cleansing face mask can help one nourish their skin from within and bring back the natural lustre. The Mermaid Marine Beauty Seboregulating Bubble Mask contains the goodness of sugar kelp and brown seaweed. It cleanses the skin from deep within while maintaining a balance between the oil and sebum production. Now who would not love to receive a gift like this!

2. Mermaid Sebo Regulating Face Wash

Mermaid Sebo Regulating Face Wash

No matter what time of the year it is, today we live in an environment (especially cities) that is filled with dirt, smoke, and many other unwanted elements in the air that badly affect skin. In such a situation, it is highly important to keep our face clean. At the same time, it is also important to apply the right ingredients on your face that would not strip if off its natural oils and other nourishing elements. The Mermaid Marine Beauty Secret Face Wash with its integrated seboregulating system, does exactly that. The all-natural ingredients keep the skin well-hydrated, prevents blemishes and acne, and maintain its real radiance.

3. Mermaid Sebo Regulating Toner

Mermaid Sebo Regulating Toner

A lot of people might not realise this, but a toner is one of the most important parts of one’s skin care routine. A toner is needed not only to remove the environmental contaminants, and also to facilitate the prevention of impurities entering your skin. The Mermaid Marine Beauty Secret Tonic Water is no less than a magical potion. It contains the powerful formulation of rare aquatic ingredients such as sugar kelp and Five Marine Weeds Extracts. This concoction can work wonders on your skin in case it has been affected by pollution, hard water etc. This is a must-have any person’s skin care routine.

4. Mermaid Sebo Regulating Serum

Mermaid Sebo Regulating Serum

The skin care routine is incomplete without a good quality serum. We tried the Mermaid Marine Beauty Secret Facial Serum and are in complete awe of this fabulous skin elevating product. The sugar kelp in this serum gives the skin an even tone by maintaining the sebum production. The other marine elements in the Mermaid Beauty Secret Facial Serum work wonders when it comes to soothing the undernourished skin.

When you’d gift your partner a bagful of goodness this Valentine’s day in the form of this awesome skin care hamper from Mermaid Marine Beauty, you are sure to earn some brownie points for your wise choice. Want to check out more from the range? Go to Mermaid Marine Beauty store and find out what suits your partner’s skin the most.

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