Days Before Her Wedding, Neha Kakkar Hosts Her Fan’s Chow Chow Dog for a Week

neha kakkar chow chow puppy dog

Bollywood celebrities lead a life full of admirers and fans, but if there’s someone who gets their undivided attention and endless love, it’s pets. In a goodwill gesture towards her fan and Chandigarh-based Youtuber Pulkit Vamp, singer Neha Kakkar hosted his beautiful dog Chow Chow for a week days before her wedding.

It was August 16 when Pulkit Vamp got to know that Neha Kakkar is in Karnal, Haryana for the shoot of her song ‘Diamond Da Challa’. Being a fan and animal lover, Vamp decided to surprise her by visiting the set and gift Kakkar a little Chow Chow dog as she too loves animals but never owned any. Meanwhile, Vamp along with his friends Aaditya Grewal, Kajal Singla and veterinarian Dr Gaurav Sardana visited Karnal to meet her.

neha kakkar with her fan's chow chow dog

Pulkit Vamp said, “It was great moment for me that I met Neha and surprised her with cute little 15-day old Chow Chow dog which I kept with me since its birth. The smile and expressions on her face after holding the dog into her hands was priceless. However, as the dog was too little to travel and Neha was here, we decided to travel to Mumbai after two weeks and give the dog to her.”

“As no public transport was available that time due to COVID-19, so I along with my friends left for Mumbai on September 6 and that too by road. Sometimes travelling for long hours is not recommended to dogs. So, Dr Sardana performed medical check-ups on Chow Chow before we started the trip. After traveling for two days, we reached our destination Mumbai on September 8 and met Neha. I still remember that moment when we all were excited. Meanwhile, Neha came and started jumping with smiling face. Soon after holding the dog, she realized that it has been grown a bit. We also gifted a custom box of Barks&meaows and medical kit for the dog,” said Vamp. 

neha kakkar with her fan's chow chow dog

He further said that with her busy schedule, Kakkar never owned any pet and it was her first time that she is hosting a dog. After a week, it was very hard for her to say good bye to the Chow Chow.

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