11 Bollywood Celebrities and Their Insanely Cute Pets

As soon as they enter our lives, our pets become an integral part of our family. And that special member is always the first one to sense our low days and not so good moods. Spending time with pets and loving them proves to be a super-effective stress buster and also kicks up the energy levels. Many of our favourite Bollywood celebrities too share a warm and cordial bond with their babies. Scroll down and checkout some amazing pictures of the famous celebs and their lovable babies:

1. Salman Khan

Salman Khan dogs

Bollywood’s Dabangg superstar Salman Khan owned two beautiful Bull Mastiffs Myson and Myjaan. Unfortunately, both of them are no more. But when they were with Salman, the actor loved them to the core and their names itself define how much he loved them.

2. Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan is one amongst those crazy pet lovers who showers a lot of love on his babies. He had four dogs previously including Dash (Japanese Chin), Hulk (Labrador), Kai and Juicy (Maltese). In fact, once in an interview, he had also stated that he loves talking to them when he is sad rather than talking to humans.

3. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt cat

With a superb record of giving five back to back hits, Alia Bhatt has made her own space in the industry. Alia is one such actress who is a cat lover. Quite often, she can be seen napping and cuddling her three cats — Edward, Sheeba and Pica, in her Mumbai residence.

4. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma dude

Anushka Sharma has an amazingly charming, loveable and cutesy doggy whom she has named Dude. Anushka loves Dude a lot and enjoys his company so much so that she took him along with her after her wedding with Virat Kohli. Today, Dude is not only friends with Anushka but is also a companion to Virat’s pet, Bruno.

5. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh bachchan pet

Megastar, Amitabh Bachchan owned a baby from one of the tallest dog breeds of the world, Piranha Dane. He lovingly named him, Shanouk, who breathed last in the year 2013. Senior Bachchan loved Shanouk so much that he even poured his heart out on his blog when he was in deteriorating condition.

6. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor pet

Handsome hunk and heartthrob of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor is one amongst many celeb dog lovers. Earlier he had a lovely baby dog named, Kaizer who passed away in the year 2016. Soon after Kaizer’s death, Shahid adopted another baby and this time it was a Labrador. He lovingly named him, Spine. When he welcomed Spine in his family, Shahid had introduced him on social media as new addition to the family.

7. Tusshar Kapoor

tusshar kapoor pet dog

Now this one family is crazy for pets and it is worth mentioning that Tusshar Kapoor and his family has total nine pet dogs. Yes, you read that exactly right! The two babies are named Julie and Frisky. Apart from showering them all with all the love that he can, Tusshar also loves to shop for his pets. Do you what he once got diamond collars for them. Oh yeah! If you are an ardent Bollywood buff, you might know that there is a dog who always barks at the strangers entering the Kapoor residence and that pet is Poshto.

8. Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinha kuro

“Thapad se darr nahi lagta sahib, pyaar se lagta hai…” She made many men go weak in knees with her superhit dialogue from Dabangg. Apart from her love for acting and the entertainment world, Sonakshi is also fond of pets. She has a pet dog,  whom she has named Kuro. Once introducing him to all her fans, she tweeted, “Kaala hai par Dilwaala hai”.

9. Yami Gautam

yami gautam polo

Yami Gautam too entered the long list of celebrities owning a pet in the year 2017. She welcomed a pet dog, a beagle, whom she named Polo. Introducing Polo to her fans, Yami posted a cutesy picture holding him and wrote, “Say hello to Polo, our youngest family member! Isn’t he cute?! Hehe.”

10. Disha Patani

disha patani pet

Disha Patani loves her dear poochie like no one else in this world. She keeps giving glimpses on her social media handles as and when she spends time with him. Once, she shared a picture with him and wrote, “My watchdog.” And the picture displayed how much she cuddles him and how much he loves when she does that.

11. Sunny Leone

sunny leone pet dog

Last but not the least, the most soft-spoken and down to earth actress, Sunny Leone too owns pet dogs. It is to be noted here that Sunny had adopted two stray dogs and gave them shelter. She has often stated that she believes in adopting dogs rather than buying one. One of her pet dog’s name is Lilu and she shares pictures cuddling him on her official social media pages as well.

Well, these were a few handpicked names almost every actor in the showbiz world is an animal lover. In fact, even while our casual social media scrolling, we witness our favourite stars canoodling their baby pets. They all love spending time with their furry friends and we love peeping into their ‘us’ time when they post pictures.

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